About me

I am student who enjoys Front-End Web Development, computers, games and modern technology in general.

I spend my time working on websites and exploring the vast world of HTML5, CSS3 and JS. You can find examples of my work here on the website.

I also create small video games just for fun in my free time, of course you can check out those in the "My Games" section.

My work

Here you can find examples of my work in web development.I am mainly an freelance front-end developer who specialize on front-end development, however I am also capable of creating full websites on my own as shown here.

Psychoterapie Pelhřimov

www.psychoterapie-pe.cz www.psychoterapie-pe.cz


www.janstrom.cz www.janstrom.cz

My games

Here you can find my humble colection of games I created over the time

Brothers Love

Genre:Action / Multiplayer

Jump, Shoot and Figth!

Fight together in two game formats: Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.

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Dodge it


Help the little green alien to dodge incoming meteorites. Fast game which will test your reflexes!

Avoid waves of meteorites with increasing difficulty. Pick Up bonuses for increasing your score!

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Email: info@jansverak.cz Google Play: Jan Svěrák Itch.io: Jan Sverak Games